Accelerator Program

The StartNorth Accelerator is an exciting joint initiative by StartNorth & ygap.

It is a comprehensive program that provides support for migrant and refugee business owners. Supported by LaunchVic, StartNorth Accelerator offers ygap’s accelerator program for 15 startups. Together, StartNorth and ygap will find migrant and refugee business owners, develop the skills they need to succeed, and provide access to a network of support and funds.

About StartNorth Accelerator

StartNorth has partnered with ygap to offer their First Gens Accelerator Program online. The First Gens Program has supported 48 migrant and refugee business owners since its launch in 2018. The program consists of a five-halfday accelerator followed by three months of tailored support. The program is free for selected participants.

The StartNorth Accelerator program will support 15 migrant and refugee-led businesses and will run from July-October 2021.

Meet past First Gens Program participants

June 2019 Cohort   |   November 2018 Cohort  |   May 2018 Cohort

Meet past program mentors

June 2019 Cohort

The Program

A five-halfday accelerate phase designed to fast track your business. We will provide training, mentorship and a community of inspiring, like-minded participants who are all working towards growing their business.

Following the accelerate phase, we provide your business with three months of tailored support, mentorship opportunities and access to small grants of up to $1,000. At the end of the support phase, a showcase event is held giving you the opportunity to share about your business.

To find out more about the program please contact StartNorth


Who we are looking for

Migrant or Refugee-led: There must be at least one migrant or refugee owner aged 18 years or older who will participate in the program.
Engaged: The owner(s) must intimately understand their business and be looking to grow.
Currently operating and post-revenue: The business must be currently operating and generating revenue.

StartNorth Accelerator Application

Applications for the StartNorth Accelerator are now open.

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Past First Gens Participant Testimonials

“The accelerator helped me self-discover and allowed me to rewind to gain a deeper understanding of why I’m doing what I’m doing now. This was incredibly crucial to help accelerate my focus and goals. For any entrepreneurs, this is the accelerator you need to gain 10x focus and get your momentum back.”

Jane Kou, Founder of Bring Me Home
“This revolutionised the way I understand social entrepreneurship. The program was educational and helped me develop a deep understanding of the problem my venture is solving and provided us with the knowledge and resources required.”

Heng Hao Teo, Co-Founder of Dibs

“In addition to great mentors and well-structured class content, it was fantastic to connect with fellow migrants. Their passion was infectious and I came back not just feeling confident about my venture, but with a clear roadmap for execution! As a migra-preneur, I highly recommend the accelerator program to anyone with a desire to drive social impact.”

Rinku Razdan, Founder of Connections


Have a question? Check out our FAQs first to see if we’ve answered it. If not, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any question you have.

What is an accelerator program?
An accelerator is a program that usually provides participants with access to mentoring, office space, and focused training. Participants enter a program for a designated period of time and finish having followed a set approach to developing their business. Participants are determined through a competitive process and also usually receive a small financial reward on entry.

How do you define a migrant or refugee?
The program defines a migrant is any person who is not born in Australia, while a refugee is a displaced person who has been forced to cross national boundaries and who cannot return home safely.

What is the cost of the program?
The program is completely free.

What are the requirements for the program?
Mandatory attendance for the Accelerator online.

English is not my first language, can I still apply?
English is the language that the program is delivered in. We recommend an intermediate level of English proficiency.

If I have a team, can they join the program as well?
We are accepting 15 participants into the program, so if there is room available, we may be able to accommodate for the Accelerator week. The support phase is open for all owners to participate in.

Do you take equity in the businesses?
No, it is not as a requirement of the program.

Funding Partner

This program would not have been possible without the support of our funding partner LaunchVic.