• Driving customer loyalty
    • Online

    Three-part series: Making customer experiences simple About this event Learn the art of driving customer loyalty!

    Over three interactive workshops, our presenter Claire will take participants through three key phases of Client Experience.

    Claire will take you on a journey of discovery as you learn what makes your customers tick (and what really ticks them off!). From customer journeys to basic research, leveraging the emotion of decision making and building a customer experience strategy.

    These engaging and action-oriented sessions will have you energised, informed and clear on the steps you can take to improve your customer experience.

    Webinar Series Overview 10 SEPTEMBER, 10AM - 11AM


    Setting the scene, we take a look at the basics of Client Experience. This will provide some context for the suite of modules.

    We'll talk about what a persona is and why it matters to your business, as well as how leverage customer segmentation to deliver customized and relevant information to the right clients at the right time. Participants will be given simple tools and templates so they can design their own personas post seminar.

    Once know who our customers are, we'll look at how to map their journey. I'll guide participants through a basic journey mapping exercise and demonstrate how to leverage key learning's to benefit both the business and keep customers coming back. This session will have participants reflecting deeply on who their customers are and how they can better understand their wants and needs.

    We finish with an open discussion/ shared experiences/Q&A.

    1 OCTOBER, 10AM - 11AM


    After a brief recap on our previous session we'll dive in to testing our journey mapping results and understand why hitting the nail on the head will make the maximum impact on the customer.

    I'll walk participants through some basic research methods (simple customer survey's and interviews) that they can try at home and provide all the tools and templates to support this activity.

    In this session we'll also take a look at the role of customer sentiment and how to amplify those moments of joy.

    We finish with an open discussion/ shared experiences/ Q&A

    8 OCTOBER, 10AM - 11AM


    We'll recap on what we've learned so far for anyone who has missed out on previous sessions.

    For the purpose of the seminar we will use a fantasy business- which will enable everyone to get to grips with the topic even if they have missed parts.

    Once we have identified our friction points, opportunities and process improvements- whats next?

    We'll focus on identifying key learning's from your journey mapping and how to prioritize those to improve your customers experience with you and your brand. I’ll demonstrate how to utilize a simple project prioritization tool to determine where the highest impact on clients can be made.

    We'll close off the webinar with a commitment to action/ shared learnings and a final open forum.

  • The Regional Growth Showcase 2021
    • Online

    This half-day online event aims to build awareness and celebrate the key digital and innovation projects happening across Victoria. The showcase will share how the Regional Digital Fund is supporting local communities based on four themes - Connectivity, DigitalHubs, Digital Health and Digital Inclusion. Come and learn more about the amazing projects happening and make new connections across the Victoria Regional Partnerships and Local Government Authorities.

    This event will be delivered by Regional Growth Project, and powered by 25eight

  • The Regional Growth Summit 2021
    • Online

    This one-day virtual event aims to deliver inspirational, targeted and actionable content for regional businesses. Key themes include digital transformation, building connections digitally and how local communities have collaborated in digital spaces to support each other and create impact. Hear from a range of speakers and local regional case studies on these topics and how to apply these to your business. Join us for virtual networking sessions and take away key learnings and actions for your business.

    This event will be delivered by Regional Growth Project, and powered by 25eight

  • Workforce Wellness Seminar Resilience & Self Care
    • Online

    This session will teach you more about how we can become more resilient, the impact of stress on our ability to be resilient, the importance of self-care and best ways of practising self-care.

    Modules that will be covered in this session

    • What is Resilience?
    • Building Resilience
    • Resources to support Resilience
    • Self-Care

  • Workforce Wellness Seminar Resilience & Self Care
    • Online

    This session will teach you more about how we can become more resilient, the impact of stress on our ability to be resilient, the importance of self-care and best ways of practising self-care.

    Modules that will be covered in this session

    • What is Resilience?
    • Building Resilience
    • Resources to support Resilience
    • Self-Care

  • Women in Business with Lisa MacCallum
    • Meadowbank Estate Wedding & Event Venue

    2020 marked the arrival of a new set of rules for sustainable success in business - and there’s no going back.

    Thanks to the social and digital revolution, ordinary people can make or break companies faster than ever. In a refreshing twist on the future of business, the value of trust, authenticity and inspiration has never been higher. To compete or even survive today, companies must stand for ideas bigger than profit. The world is watching closely, and expectations are high.

    In this transformational leadership session, former Nike Inc Vice President Lisa MacCallum will introduce the new C.E.O.s deciding the fate of our businesses – C.ustomers, E.mployees and O.utsiders. Over lunch, Lisa will demonstrate what it takes to get them onside and emerge with the resilience, agility and distinction required to succeed. In a time where traditional answers no longer work, her practical guidance filled with colorful examples from around the world will light the path forward in the most clarifying, uplifting and motivating way.

  • Effective Communications
    • StartNorth

    Communication is the essence of business: from marketing and advertising your business, to negotiating with suppliers and hiring and managing staff. The quality of your communications will be at the heart of your business performance.

    Session Outcomes

    In this high impact 90 minute session you will:

    Practical insights to effective communication that can be used in virtually any situation A simple model to structure your communications A greater understanding of the power and impact of language The single greatest secret to success that isn’t really a secret, but is totally under-estimated Practical tools that you can apply in the session and in your future communications

  • Connecting online with the ATO: Sole traders
    • Online

    This session is for sole traders who want to know how to manage their tax and super commitments online. In this 60-minute session you will learn how to register, lodge and pay online for commitments such as your goods and services tax (GST), pay as you go withholding, pay as you go instalments, your tax return and more.

    Note: This session explains how to use ATO online services for individuals and sole traders. We recommend partnerships, companies and trusts use Online services for business and attend the ‘Connecting online with the ATO: Businesses’ session.

  • Running a home-based business
    • Online

    Running your small business from your home may cost you more in expenses such as electricity, gas, phone, furniture, and cars. Come to this one hour session to find out what expenses you can claim for tax deductions and how to calculate the amounts you can claim.

  • Introduction to business records
    • Online

    Are you starting a new small business? Come along to this FREE introductory 60-minute session. You will learn about which business records to keep, the legal requirements and how long to keep your records. This basic session also introduces you to the benefits of developing good record-keeping habits as well as tools to help you manage your records.

  • Hume Speed Networking Event for Home Based and Small Businesses
    • Three Blue Ducks Restaurant

    Would you like to introduce yourself and your business to a community of like-minded, passionate people? This event is for you!

    If you are a Home Based, Startup or Micro/Small business located in Hume, you are invited to attend a special networking event at the new Three Blue Ducks restaurant at URBN Surf, in Tullamarine.

    Come and enjoy some fabulous food and great company. A complimentary drink will be provided upon arrival. All you need to bring is a punchy narrative and a story on what makes your business great. And don’t forget your business cards. We will organise the rest.

    Register today as seats are limited!

    The event is proudly presented by StartNorth and Hume City Council.

    Date: Tuesday 1 June Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm Venue: Three Blue Ducks – 309 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine Cost: $25 per person

    Note: This event is restricted to businesses within the Hume City Council region.

  • Starting a small business
    • Online

    Are you thinking of starting a small business? Maybe you have a hobby that is becoming a business? This FREE 60-minute session will help you understand:

    • the difference between a hobby and a business
    • what to do if your hobby turns into a business
    • the most common business structures and the registrations you may need to be in business.

    Getting it right is important so come along, ask questions and give your business the best chance of success.