Membership FAQS:

Do you have more information I can read?
Yes, download our information brochure.

What is the minimum membership?
All our membership plans are on a month-to-month basis.

When are tours offered?
If you want to come for a tour, please contact us directly via email or phone (03) 9356 6720. Our tours usually takes 15-30 minutes.

How will I know if the workspace works for me before I sign up?

If you are interested in a membership you are welcome to join a tour and stay for the day to try out our space. If you enjoyed your tour trial day you can then sign up to become a member, get your induction, and start using the space.

How soon can I move in?

  • Day passes are available to use Monday to Friday during staffed business hours of operation.
  • For all workspaces, you can generally sign up and start using the same day, providing there is availability and you come in during staffed hours for your induction.
  • For office spaces, we generally ask for five business days’ notice as we must set up your work area and resolve other logistical requirements.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?
Yes. Before your membership plan renews, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan. If by some chance you do find that you require immediate adjustments, we will absolutely accommodate you if space is available.

Can I rollover my unused part time membership days?
We don’t offer rollover.

What if I come for a few hours here and there? Could I come more than three days a week for part time membership?
No. When you use your pass or membership it is counted as a day even if you only take advantage of it for a few hours. If you need to come more days just let us know and we can help you change your plan to a full time membership.

How often can I use the meeting room?
  • Starter workspace members get four meeting room hours per month with the option to buy more hours.
  • Premium workspace flexible members get six meeting room hours per month with the option to buy more hours.
  • Professional workspace members get eight meeting room hours per month with the option to buy more hours.
  • Office space members get ten meeting room hours per month with the option to buy more hours.
The meeting room is restricted to an eight-hour time limit per meeting, and you must reserve the meeting room in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts with other members. This ensures that other StartNorth members have equal access to the meeting room. However, in the event you need additional time (and there is space available), we’ll do our best to accommodate. We also encourage members to use the evenings and Saturdays for longer time frames of usage.

Can I bring guests and clients?
Yes. Once they sign in, the membership platform will message you that they arrived.


Space FAQS:

How secure are your office premises?
There are several security levels in place: There are staff on-site during business hours, and after hours the space is only accessible via private access provided to StartNorth members through KISI. The office space is also monitored by security cameras 24/7.

How fast is your internet speed?
We provide dedicated premium high-speed internet in StartNorth.

What size business do you cater to?
Our space is ideal for businesses anywhere from 1-6 employees in size.

What type of business do you cater best to?
Ideally, this type of work environment is for the company looking for a professional environment, with an energetic and creative atmosphere. Any startup or established company that wants to be part of a dynamic coworking environment and believes they’ll benefit and contribute to it is an ideal fit! However, we also cater to corporate and larger companies that simply need a presence through remote working or need a small office located in Broadmeadows.

Where are shared spaces located?
Our shared workspaces are located throughout StartNorth in open, brightly lit areas. Some are near the lounge area, kitchen, and along the west side of the building.

Are there staff on duty?
Yes. StartNorth will have staff on-site during business hours Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays or other announced days).

Is there easy access to public transportation?
Yes. StartNorth is conveniently located near major bus and train hubs, so wherever you live getting to and from the office won’t be an issue.

Where can I park?
We highly recommend using public transport as close parking is limited to visitor parking spots or across the street at Broadmeadows Central. Free all-day parking is available a short 5-minute walk away near Harvey Norman and Bunnings on the other side of Broadmeadows Central.

Do you offer cleaning services?
Yes, we have a professional cleaner on site Monday to Saturday to maintain the space.

Do I have to clean up?
Please use our shared space with respect and keep it clean and orderly. You won't have to help with regular cleaning, but please tidy up after yourself, disposing of rubbish and cleaning your dishes as you would at home.

Where do I get my mail?
Once you sign up for our mail service, there is a dedicated mail area where members can collect their mail. Parcels are collected from StartNorth staff.

Can I bring dogs or other animals?
We are only human-friendly at this time, but we would love to see photos and talk about your furry, feathered or scaled family members.

Can I play my music?
Please listen to your music using headphones. If you are talking 'live music', we are happy to sign you up to perform at a future appropriate event.

Can I smoke?
If you must smoke, please go outside to a designated area.

Can I bring alcohol?
We allow members to bring alcohol for networking events and after hours. If you get intoxicated or irritable, we will need to ask you to leave. Always drink and drive responsibly!

What are the available local childcare options?
While StartNorth does not offer childcare, you can find a listing of local Occasional Care options here.


Belongings FAQS:

May I hang personal artwork?
You may hang personal artwork within a private office room providing you don’t create any holes or damage to the walls. Please utilise products like 3M’s “Command Picture Hanging Strips & Hangers” to ensure no damage occurs. In the shared and permanent workspaces you may not hang artwork, but you’re welcome to keep photo frames or belongings on a permanent workspace. Flexible workspaces must be left empty at the end of the day.

Can we bring our own furniture, printer, etc?
Office space members are welcome to bring their own printer, chair or artwork to customise their office - we just ask that the office be returned to the original condition with no damage to walls prior to move out.

Do I need to bring my computer?
Yes, you should bring your Wi-Fi ready computer to use our high-speed internet connection.

Where should I store my food?
Please label all personal food in the fridge or storage areas. Food without a name might be eaten by members or at events or thrown out on a clean-up day. We ask that you only store your lunch food in the fridge. If you have non-perishable items, label them and use the storage areas.

Can I leave my belongings?
Yes, you can leave your stuff on your desk during the day.  Please don't leave your belongings in our meeting rooms. Unless you have a permanent desk, please don't leave your items on desks at the end of the day - take them home or put them away in a locker if you will be back the next day.  We don't take any responsibility for missing items and your belongings are your own responsibility and are not insured by us.

May I bring a spare cabinet for extra storage?
Yes. This option is only extended to members who have an office space. However, for permanent desk environments, we provide lockable cabinets.


Financial FAQS:

How can I pay for membership?
We accept all major credit cards. When you join, you’ll be invited to our member portal where you can seamlessly make payments online with the payment method of your choice. We do not accept cheques, cash or purchase orders.

How can I quit my membership?
Our memberships are month to month. Please give us your 30-day written notice (email or membership portal) to cancel your membership for the following month. We will be sorry to see you go, but we understand.

Does StartNorth offer business grants or funding?
StartNorth does not offer grants or funding directly but Hume City Council, Victorian Government and Federal Government grants are available to eligible participants. Angel investors are also a popular way of receiving funding to give you a powerful boost.

Hume City Council Grants:

Victoria Grants:

Federal Grants:

Third Party Grant Search Sites:

Angel Investor Groups



If I have additional questions, who can I ask?

We suggest you email all your additional questions, comments and queries to [email protected] and we’ll be glad to answer any additional items you may have!