Starting and Growing a Business

Research, Planning and Preparation

These guides are very helpful when you are wanting to build your business idea from scratch. They will guide you through building your team, testing your idea, communicating and pitching your idea, and how to turn your idea into reality.

Execution – Starting your business

After you have done your research, planning and preparation and you are now ready to start your business, the below sites are a great support to help you begin.

Tools – To help you start your business

These supplementary tools will aid you in starting your business.

Funding & Grant Opportunities

Raising capital to startup your business and grow is an important part of starting your business and there are many options to choose from. below are just some of the many options available to businesses.

Hume City Council Business Support

If you are looking to open your business or relocate it to Hume, we offer some of the best logistics infrastructure, business environments, lifestyle and workforce availability around.


Here are other links to information that can help depending on your needs